To share an authentic, traditional Japan through private events, allowing for a personalized, focused experience


Host a traditional tea ceremony, have a bespoke dinner with a geisha, watch a private Noh theater performance,
learn the way of the sword and put your skills to the test in a staged fight with a ninja...

All in one place.

From small gatherings to large-scale parties, let us make your next event a memorable one.

Private Performances

- Samurai / Ninja Show

- Noh / Kyogen

Hold the event of the year by having ninjas crash your party, and experience the thrilling heat of battle right before your eyes!
If that’s not your style, slow down and appreciate Japan’s oldest theatrical art form – Noh and Kyogen, performed as it was centuries ago.


“Samurai Cafe” Team

A Japanese-style entertainment team that will send audiences into a whirlwind of excitement and laughter, with experiences in stunts and shows all over Japan.

Taichiro Nomura

Kyogen Performer
Studied under Nomura Mansai
Nogaku Performers' Association Member

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Bespoke Japanese Dining

Book a private Japanese chef for dinner parties, date nights, or just for you.


Japanese fine dining is typically served over 8-9 courses using only the freshest seasonal ingredients for the ultimate gastronomic experience.

Japanese Ingredients

The concept of farm-to-table isn't new to us, and we make it a point to source and select ingredients by hand, even harvesting a few of them ourselves.


The Japanese are known for their hospitality, and we take it above and beyond - taking lengths to ensure the quality remains sublime no matter the dietary preferences.

About the Chef

Kimihiro Ogino

Trained at numerous prestigious Japanese fine-dining restaurants since 1997.
He placed second in Japan for his Japanese-Western style sushi, created using both culinary techniques. His dedication to health also led him to develop sushi dishes without the use of soy sauce.

Blowfish (fugu), traditional Japanese cuisine, Japanese chef’s license

Plan the menu of your dreams with us.

Construction & Design

Ever dreamed of lying on real tatami floors, or soaking in a Japanese cypress bath - without leaving your home?

We can make that happen.

From installing Japanese sliding doors, to building an entire castle with a moat,
our team of seasoned designers and builders will do what it takes to bring Japan to you.

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