The Shogun ExperienceThe Shogun Experience


From the moment you step into NEOLD, you are transported into an immersive experience.

The Shogun Experience is an all-inclusive, carefully curated plan, where guests enter a world unlike any other.
Guests will adopt various roles within feudal Japan and will be addressed as such for the entirety of their stay.
The roles include noble ladies, samurai, ninja, and one Shogun.

Before your trip, our team will curate the meals and activites based on your requests in order to give you a seamless experience.
All meals, transportation, and amenities are included in The Shogun Experience.

Basic Plan PreviewBasic Plan Preview

(2D1N, 1 guest)

  1. The Shogun Experience allows guests to have a taste of the life of a shogunate in feudal Japan.

    You are picked up from your preferred meeting point and taken to NEOLD Private House in a private van.

    Upon arriving at NEOLD, you will be greeted by an entourage of soldiers and servants - all eager to give you a warm welcome.

  2. Your bags are taken to the rooms, and you will be dressed in garments more befitting to your status as a feudal lord or lady.

    As the court ladies are helping you with your kimono, samurai are on the private Noh stage, training hard in swordfighting.

  3. You are addressed by the samurai in command, and the retainers will introduce themselves to you.

    The okami, manager of the house, will give you a tour of the grounds. You will have some free time to wander and relax before dinnertime.

  4. At dinner, the private chef prepares a bespoke meal for you, using only the finest ingredients in season.

    The head samurai will taste your food for poison before you ingest anything.

    After all, one can never be too careful.

    The night is free for you to enjoy after dinner.

    Take a drink to the roof deck, soak in the stars in the open-air bath, or simply lounge in the main hall.

    If you like, you can also add on an activity from our list of optional experiences.

  5. The next morning, the staff are up bright and early to greet you. The head samurai reads you the plans of the day, which include a sword practice and preparing for battle.

    You hone your skills with the head swordsman, but the peaceful training is interrupted by an assassination attempt by a ninja!

    Thankfully, your guards are highly equipped and they manage to take down the ninja after a thrilling battle.

  6. For a break, it is best to have some high-quality tea and Japanese sweets out on the veranda to calm your nerves.

    The official shogun armor is prepared, and the staff performs a prayer of victory for you. You are all set to march victorious into battle!

  7. You are directed to film an intense battle scene with the moves you were taught earlier. Professional fight choreographers will guide you as you emerge victorious over the enemy.

    The completed film will be sent to you via e-mail after your stay.

    As with all good things, this experience has to come to an end.

    Your retainers are sad to see you leave, as they carry your bags back into the private car.

    You will be driven to your next destination as per your request.

    As for us, we eagerly await your next visit.

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