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from 391,820 JPY + tax

Nihon-buyo, or Japanese dance, has its roots in Kabuki, Noh, and folk dances. Its form has been refined over four centuries, developing into rhythmic and graceful expression accompanied by singing, shamisen, and drums.

The captivating dance weaves stories from feudal Japan into a pantomime of folk tales of goddesses and warriors alike.

"Be entranced by the rich costumes and precise movements of the dancers in a chance to connect with the distinctly unique history and culture of Japan."

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Price List (in Japanese Yen)
Nihon-buyo Performance + Experience (150 mins) 391,820 JPY + tax
Nihon-buyo Performance + Experience (150 mins)
Full hair, makeup, and dressing up in traditional dance kimono
1,035,320 JPY + tax
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