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Renjishi, or "Two Lions", is a popular dance in the Kabuki Repitoire. It's one of the many Kabuki works based on the Noh play "Shakkyo", which is highlighted for it's gorgeous dance.

The performance tells a tale of a father lion who pushes his son into a ravine as part of his training. Despite his stern demeanor, the father lion waits anxiously as the lion cub struggles to climb his way back.

Performed by MIYABIYA JAPAN Entertainment

"An emotional dance showing the love between a parent and child, filled with spectacle and excitement."

About the PerformerAbout the Performer

Futamura Yukimasa

Futamura Yukimasa

Miyabi-ya Representative

Miyabi-ya delivers traditional and legendary Japanese theatrical performances including kabuki, geisha, ninja, samurai, taiko drum and more... BUT with a modern twist.
It all began with an apprenticeship under Ennosuke III and later making our debut in 2009.
Since then, the shows have evolved and incorporated the different elements of each art, making Miyabi-ya truly original.

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Kabuki Renjishi Excerpt
15 mins (1 Lion Dance performer)
Kabuki Renjishi Excerpt
15 mins (2 Lion Dance performers)
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