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Tezuma is a type of magic that developed uniquely in Japan.
It is a traditional Japanese art that incorporates elements of kabuki and Japanese dance into magic, and allows you to enjoy a mysterious world that is quite different from the traditional Western style magic.

It is said that the name comes from the way the hands move as quickly as lightning. Today, it is known as "Wazuma" and in 1997 it was selected as an intangible cultural asset by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

An example that can represent Tezuma is the "Butterfly Dance," in which butterflies are made by tearing white washi paper, and when the wind is blown on the butterflies with a folding fan, they fly through the air as if they are alive.

At NEOLD, we will invite Daiki Fujiyama, one of the few Tezuma masters, to perform on our stage.
Daiki Fujiyama has performed in over 20 cities in 10 countries around the world, and won the Asian World Championship for Magic in 2014.

The video below shows a sample of Daiki Fujiyama's performance.

"Tezuma is the captivating integration of illusion,
traditional Japanese acting, musical performance, costumes and stories."

About the PerformerAbout the Performer

Fujiyama Taijyu

Fujiyama Taijyu

Tezuma Performer
Studied under Fujiyama Shintaro
Winner of the Asian Magic Competition 2014
Won fifth place in the World Magic Competition 2015 representing Japan

Option Plans and PricesOption Plans and Prices

Prices vary depending on the type of cultural experience, so please feel free to contact us for a quote.

Price List
Plan A
Tezuma Appreciation Plan (20 mins)
Plan B
Tezuma Appreciation + Audience Participations (30-60 mins)
Add on to either Plan A or B
Tezuma Lesson and video memorabillia shooting
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